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Property Management

Greater numbers of tenants and landlords are now looking for a managed property service. London professionals and families appreciate having an ‘always on’ agency that they are able to call when the need arises.

As a landlord, there are legal, financial and maintenance obligations that you must adhere to. Property management reduces this burden. For over 20 years we have learnt that that different houses, landlords and investors require a custom service that ranges from minimal to comprehensive property management.

Full property management

If you are a landlord looking for a hands-off lettings management service, we can take care of your property from the moment it is put on the market and we will handle every element of the process. We’ll find the most suitable tenants, oversee the signing of the contract and ensure that property and the tenants are looked after for the duration of their stay. You simply receive rent once a month.

Basic property management

We’re more than happy to share in the management duties, leaving it to you to decide how hands-off, or on, you wish to be, ensuring that your property and tenants are cared for as best as possible.